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Welcome to Eternal City Guide!

The Eternal City is the name associated with Rome, Italy mainly due to the fact that the city has withstood time and preserved much of its history through structures, architectural design, artwork, culture, and passion throughout the various phases of history for over 2500 years, thus making it as close to eternal as one might expect.

Through our website we give you the chance to explore the possibilities of
visiting Rome with our unusual Rome private tours, learn about walking tours of Rome, touring the Vatican, what can be expected from a Civitavecchia cruise Rome tour, more about the Eternal City itself, and what a tour lead by official tour guide entails.

All tours guides at Eternal City Guideare Private Official Rome and Vatican Tour guides, which means the Italian Government has licensed them as professionals.

Our staff, drivers, and tour guides at
Eternal City Guidewants you to experience Rome and the Vatican through their various tours that will enable you to embrace Rome with the same passion they have for the Eternal City. They have the goal that you will learn about the culture, history, and the passion of the local residents as well as the guides themselves. We treat all visitors to Rome as VIPís and aid them in every way to ensure they make the most out of their time in Rome whether visitors are here for several days or for a few short hours.

Eternal City Guide, you can expect to have the most professional team by your side helping you to enjoy every attraction or venue you wish to include in your private and tailor made tour.

As you browse through our website, rest assured these are only examples of the places you can experience. All of our tours are customizable so you can
experience Rome with your itinerary. Our specialty at Eternal City Guideis creating a tailor made tour that will allow you to explore Rome at your leisure.


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